[ESC 1999] My Top 15 ~2011

[ESC 1999] My Top 15 ~2011

Video Information:Downcounting my best 15 favourites of Eurovision Tune Contest 1999 :) Extremely god ESC-yr, with a whole lot of great songs. Appreciate and Comment ~ ( And don’t forget, this is MY top fifteen. You might not have the exact same favourites as I have, so never yell at me for acquiring one more favourites than you) [Far more Tags] Denmark Michael Teschl & Trine Jepsen This Time I Mean It United Kingdom Valuable Say It Again Netherlands Marlayne One Great Purpose Israel Eden Yom Huledet Delighted Birthday Lithuania Aistė Strazdas Turkey Tuğba Önal & Grup Mistik Dön Artık Germany Sürpriz Reise Nach Jerusalem Kudüs’e Seyahat

Turkey Eurovision


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